Chino & Adolfo Web Show
There's no couple as fun and amazing as Chino & Adolfo. Loyal to their followers, they plan to do whatever challenge they are invited to try with friends. Check them out!
Chino & Adolfo are victims of the super sour Umeboshi
Tasting some Asian strange flavors
Epic super spicy wings!
The most expensive beer in Peru. Does it worth it?
Agency: Circuit​​​​​​​
Production Supervisor: Javier Cárdenas
Producer: Jorge Santa María
Starring: Eduardo Toguchi & Adolfo Bolivar
Idea:  Sebastian Quispe, Carlos Cala
Camera:  Rodrigo Reiterer
Switcher: Glem Rafaile
Post production: Rodrigo Reiterer, Johnny Lopez, Emmanuel Fonseca

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